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Paypal Donation Script

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Shirley $180.00
Raffaele $1.00
susan $190.94
Gross Total $518.880000000001
Paypal Fees $9.4
Total Amount $509.48
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  • It's  ready to go - easy to edit
  • It's flexible - you can edit colors and text
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Dear Users,

This is the ideal website script, because your visitors can donate money and see the result right away! 

Give your donors the ease of a “Donate“. button on your website.


But That's Not All.

 Use PayPal Donate Script on all your websites.

 Fully customize the colors and text of the script.

 Simple copy/paste to place script on your web pages - a simple php code. All you need to do is to put that code into any valid php page - and the donation script will appear on it.

 Track fundraising donations made through PayPal on your own website. This system allows you to automatically record and display current PayPal donation totals and donor info. Tracking donations and listing donor info are two of the top proven methods to help increase donations and boost return donors.

Here's What You Need to run the script

Minimum Requirements...

  • Unzipping software and know how to use it
  • Web hosting account with PHP 4.0 + - and 1 database required 
  • 1 Paypal account

Are You Ready To Buy?


We will give you for free the wordflipper and wordcount scripts also!

So You Get...
  • 3 Scripts
  • 3 Instruction File.
  • 1 Zip File


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